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The Art of Flower Pounding

Flower pounding is a fun and easy way to create flower and leaf prints on fabric. The flowers and leaves dye the fabric and leave a pretty, colorful imprint behind.

There are several different methods for flower pounding. We used simple untreated fabric but you can use paper or dye-ready fabric.

We started our day by collecting supplies.


-Masking tape

-A hammer or mallet

-Flowers and leaves

We spent some time researching the wildflower and leaves that we found and picked a bunch of flowers from Miss A's personal garden too.

We set the flowers and leaves face down on our block of fabric.

Next we covered them with masking tape. You can use parchment paper over the top instead, however, we found that taping them keeps everything in place nicely.

Press down firmly.

Now comes the fun part. Hammer and pound away!

You can check your progress by turning your fabric over to see how much has bled through.

Next, remove the masking tape revealing your lovely flower art.

The three photos below show the layout, taped, and backside of the fabric.

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