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Play Based Learning - Measurement with Flower Soup

This week in our homeschool we were learning measurement. Miss A often cooks in the kitchen with me but today we wanted to do something a little different. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we decided to take our learning outdoors and make a flower soup.

One of my absolute favorite things about home leaning is the ability to have so much play-based/child-led learning.

I started off by printing out a recipe card and a kitchen measurement conversion chart.

Miss A picked out all the best ingredients. Sunflowers, cosmos, marigolds, and more.

After we had our ingredients it was time to cook!

She cut and measured each ingredient for her flower soup. We talked about the conversions of measurement. How many teaspoons = a tablespoon, how many cups = a pint. She thought she was just playing outside with Mommy, but I was watching her brain grow.

After she measured each ingredient I had her write down the amount and what it was on the recipe card. 2 cups of chopped zinnia flowers, 2 tbsp crushed beans....

We were writing, spelling, working on math and she didn't even know we were "doing school" :-)

I was always a hands-on/kinesthetic learner, this little one is as well, so it makes my heart happy to be able to teach her in this way.

Creating a culture where mathematical ideas are not just formulas on a page but instead are concepts to be discussed and reasoned through is highly beneficial for young learners. Play moves math instruction beyond rote memorization to a more expansive understanding of mathematics. Encouraging students to talk, think, reason, and wonder as they move through problems, creates a sense of curiosity, even for simple concepts, and engages students in real life learning.

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