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As a mom and second generation homeschooler, Wildflower Press Learning is my place to share educational material and ideas for learning. 

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 Life as a Wildflower

There is something to be said about growing up as a wildflower. A wildflower is free to grow as it wishes, never contained by the ridged confines of a flowerbed. It follows the wind and it's pure, wild beauty is unmatched, even by the most manicured garden.

I was fortunate to grow up as a wildflower. My parents owned a small farm in Maine and after chores I was free to roam, and roam I did! Through the fields and woods, exploring, building forts, learning the names of the plants and animals in the world around me. Sleeping out in the summers with fireflies and stars for a nightlight and waking up to the sound of the bluebird. 

The simple joys of childhood that are all to often lost these days.

As the years have past, I have outgrown those days of imaginative play, but the memories of growing up free, like the wildflowers I played among, will last a lifetime.